Supreme×Jordan Hooded Sweatshirt Box Black

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Supreme×Jordan Hooded Sweatshirt


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Select shop “Union”, the owner of the current NY Stussy “James Jebbia” opened in 1994 in Lafayette Street, NY.
The skating scene is very independent from the outside and he thought that exclusive places are attractive, he will come to think of a true skate shop for skaters only.
It is too rough and not too rough, something that is located in the middle, so Supreme was born.
The attitude that samples the style of the 1980s early 90s and always does new things is attracting attention from all over the world.
He continues to fascinate collectors around the world with collaboration with various artists beyond the frame of skating, collaboration model with Nike, Vans. No.1 brand that leads the world street world.

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Supreme×Jordan Hooded Sweatshirt Box Black
Color: Black

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